Todd Testimonials

Shin Splints

I started going to Dr Todd for my shin splints.  I had been having pain for about a year and finally went to see if something could be done. I walked into the office and was very impressed.  You are greeted with a smile as soon as you walk in.  I have never felt like a number.  I am feeling so much better and have moved on to improving my posture.  I have been to several chiropractors before and have left buying all of there supplements that would work wonders for me…  I never felt I had to buy anything.  I also love that I can call the morning of and they squeeze me in if I am in pain.  I have  had nothing but a great experience here!!

Sara C


Back Pain and Golf Swing

I had hurt my back several weeks back and still had a constant pain that I could not get rid of.  I had planned a golf trip that was going to be in less than 10 days and I needed to get help or I would have to cancel . A friend recommended Dr. Todd because he had “fixed” him just recently. I had never been to a Chiropractor in my life. Dr. Todd said that he would get me ready so I wouldn’t have to cancel my trip. After the first visit I walked out of there with no pain! I went to 2 more sessions and I had no more pains! I was able to play golf(5 rounds in 4 days) without any problems or pain at all and still do not have any more pain. Amazing! Dr. Todd was great! He was personable and very informative. I would recommend him to anyone and will in the future!!

Kirk S


Knee Pain & Running

I sustained a knee injury from running a year ago that never healed. As an active person, the last thing you want to hear from a doctor is to stop running. After failed attempts in trying to run again, I was referred to Dr. Todd by a friend I had met at the gym in May 2011. During the first visit, Dr. Todd told me that he would get me running in no time. I was impressed by his knowledge and the techniques he used, explaining everything. I loved that as an athlete himself he understood the mentality and training of active people. I was surprised that after the first session, he told me to go try and run. I have been seeing him since then and even though my insurance doesn’t cover it, it has been PRICELESS! With his help, I was able to progress quickly running 3X/week and happily was able to run my first 1/2 marathon 3 months after that initial visit. Our running group happily sees him for maintenance. My sister started seeing him for a severe case of plantar fasciitis where her doctors told her that surgery was the only option, and after a couple of sessions is able to walk barefoot for the first time in more than a decade! Not only is Dr.Todd an expert in the field, he listens and truly cares about his patients. And, as a registered nurse I can say that he is a rare find!

Susan D


Sports Injuries

Dr. Todd is extremely knowledgeable, and is constantly upgrading his education and techniques. He cares about his patients and remembers my specific problems each visit. He’s also very strong and puts a lot of effort into his treatments; this is probably why he’s asked to work on college team athletes (he’s a former linebacker for USD). He also has a lot of knowledge about supplements, equipment, the latest studies, etc., etc. I had never heard of Active Release Technique but have found it to be very helpful. Many athletes in San Diego and beyond use him, and this was an important factor for me. I know there are many Krav Maga San Diego students who go to him, as well as pro fighters. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Ben C


Low Back Spasms

I was impressed with the professionalism, care, and effectiveness with which I was treated by Dr. Todd Pluchok.  On Saturday, I wrenched my back surfing to the point where I could barely get up from a seated position.  I visited Dr. Pluchok on Monday for my first treatment and felt significant relief afterwards.  I followed up with a second treatment Wednesday morning and feel as if I’m at 95% as a result.  Thank you Dr. Plutchok for getting me back in the water in less than a week!!!

Augustin L


Foot Pain

went thru 2 months of not being able to walk: no diagnosis let alone a treatment. went the conventional podiatrist route who just told me to stay off my feet and pop some IB profen. one random day, it dawned on me to try the chiropractic route and this led me to dr. todd. bottom line: 2 weeks after seeing dr. todd, I am able to walk, not perfectly (yet), but WAY more than i thought. here’s what i got with dr. todd treating me:
-whole body consideration, rather than just looking @ it as a foot problem.
-educating me so that i am in the know about what is going on.
-a doc that is NOT about the money, but genuinely about helping people solve their health problems.
around 1.5 months ago, i was in a all time low that i was seriously considering a cortisone shot. i kept saying no to that because i wanted to know what my problem was and seek a method that was not so risky. dr. todd was the answer. the values and personality this guy has should be the standard for EVERY medical practicioner. thank you dr. todd.

Cliff C


Mid Back Pain

I had been having pains in the middle of my back for months and decided enough is enough.I went to Doctor Todd and it was the Best thing I ever did,by the end of my first treatment I was feeling a 100% better.Why I waited so long,I’ll never know ! What was great is how Todd explained everything he was going to do and why before he did anything.I’ve been to other chiropractic Doctors before but Dr. Todd was by far the most knowledgeable and professional.I will NEVER go to another Chiro after seeing Dr. Todd……………..Thanks Dr. Todd !!!!

Rocky C


Frozen Shoulder

I was in a major ski accident and broke my shoulder.  My surgery consisted of inserting a 4 inch plate and 13 screws to repair the damage.  Unfortunately, post surgery, I was not instructed to move my arm several times per day and therefore after three months of being in a sling with  NO movement, I had developed a frozen shoulder.   After 6 months of physical therapy with NO success.  One year later, the Surgeon had suggested to remove the 4 inch plate and scar tissue which had formed due to lack of movement.  Post surgery I continued with Physical Therapy and after 30 sessions of PT was still unable to lift my arm over my head.

My physical therapist suggested that I try Active Release Technique (ART).  After doing research for providers of ART, I was introduced to The League and met with both Doctors at the clinic.  Dr Todd and Dr Chad have treated me simultaneously utilizing different techniques. After 4 weeks of treatment, I have almost all of my arm/shoulder full range of motion back. Although it is rare that both Doctors treat the same patient, in my case they made an exception for me based on my needs and requirements. Their understanding of the human body and the treatment which they provide is EXACTLY what I needed to have a complete recovery.  I am now pain free and able to begin rebuilding my core strength, and with their assistance I plan on being back on the ski slopes next season.

I would highly recommend The League to anyone in need of Chiropractor care.

Annette S.


Hip Pain and Running

For the past 3 months I’ve been dealing with a nagging hip injury that developed during my last marathon. Unwilling to accept my doc’s advice to “stop running”, I desperately made an appointment with Dr. Todd. During my first visit, he restored my hope that I might actually recover, and then over the next few weeks worked his healing magic to get me back on the roads running happily and healthily.

Every doctor should take a lesson from Dr. Todd. He actually takes the time to listen and is sincerely concerned about his patients’ well-being. He thoroughly explains his techniques, which include a common sense integration of chiropractic therapy, active release techniques, neuromuscular rehab, gait analysis and advice on strengthening, self-massage and nutrition. He is extremely knowledgeable, and as an athlete and runner himself, is passionate about his work and committed to his patients.

Just a few weeks ago I was unable to run more than a few miles without intense hip pain. Dr. Todd not only relieved my hip pain, but corrected imbalances I wasn’t even aware of, all while instructing me to continue running through my recovery period. I’m now logging long, pain-free, happy miles as I train for my next marathon and owe it all to Dr. Todd. If you’re an injured athlete, rest and pain-killers are not your only option. The League Chiropractic will get you back to doing what you love!

Emile R


Circulation and Neck pain

I originally went to Dr. Todd Plutchok for circulation issues and neck pain. I’ve always been scared of chiropractic doctors but he’s changed my opinion of the practice.

Dr. Plutchok uses Active Release Techniques (ART) to improve my circulation, release tight muscles, realign my body and and help with flexibility. It’s AWESOME and non-invasive, which is great because I’m a wimp when it comes to adjustments! He also uses new technologies (like infrared lights) and is super knowledgeable. After every appointment, I leave knowing new, useful information about all sorts of things from running tips to how parts of the body function.

What’s great about Dr. Plutchok that differentiates him from other doctors is that he continually gives you new exercises to do at home so that you can work on correcting problems on your own, without feeling reliant on him. He’s the nicest guy. Very genuine. Two thumbs up.

Alexis M


Hip pain and Running

After completing my second half marathon late last year, I developed a sharp, intense pain deep in my right hip. I continued to push through the pain and it continued to get worse. During my third half marathon in March 2012, the pain was so intense that I couldn’t imagine I was going to accomplish my goal of completing the triple crown this year. That is when I was referred to Dr. Todd Plutchok of The League Chiropractic. I always hesitate to visit any kind of doctor (especially after my primary care just wanted to shoot my hip full of cortisone). However, my next half marathon was just one month away and I was desperate for a miracle. Dr. Todd afforded me that miracle. Dr. Todd is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his job and his patients. He is not only interested in keeping his patients active, but he also teaches at home exercises and techniques to aid in healing and prevention of recurrence of injury. After just a handful of visits, he had completely eliminated the pain in my hip and I was able to complete the next half marathon towards the triple crown “pain-free!” Dr. Todd has also done wonders with the neck pain I have left untreated for years. After years of working on computers and several weeks of waking up in pain every single night, one visit to Dr. Todd and I was able to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Every encounter I have had at The League Chiropractic has been nothing short of excellent. The front desk receptionist is warm and friendly, the facilities offer a clean and inviting environment, and Dr. Todd does everything in his power to make the treatment as painless and effective as possible.

Amber B


Knee Pain

What hasn’t been said about Dr. Todd Plutchok’s practice ?! I was referred to him by my cycling instructor (Thanks Kristi !) I’m pretty active and ever since I started running half marathons, my body has gotten a beat down through the years. What can I say ? I’m not ‘Wonder Woman’ after all. My body eventually underwent some wear and tear from my ever so crazy and active lifestyle.

Even through the pain, I still didn’t want to give up hope on running. I wanted to finally see a physical therapist. Yelp had great reviews as well so I had to see for myself. I was diagnosed with patellar tendonosis a year back and was advised to take a break from running, wear a knee brace, and strengthen the leg muscles until the pain magically disappears.

Fast forward to 2012. The pain isn’t as bad, but it still feels sore and uncomfortable after a long run. I thought my running days were over (at least for long distances).Fortunately, Dr. Todd Plutchok changed all that after just one session. My confidence slowly came back and all I can say is: ART = Active Release Technique

My golly ! This is a blessing from above for athletes with sports injuries. I was skeptical at first. Not gonna lie. Some small laser infrared gadget was waved all over me. A couple twists, cracks, pops and bends I felt almost brand new. To prove that I was not imagining this, I went for a run after no physical activity for almost 3 weeks. I was pain free kid you not !!! No sharp knee pain under my patella. A miracle it seemed !

I also underwent a ‘gait analysis’ where he corrected my running form and neurological and biomechanical rehabilitation. So far, I’ve received professional advice for pre and post race day recovery. He also filmed my running style on the treadmill where he suggested a few tweeks in my running form and I already feel a difference. Most importantly, my knees are not getting a heavy pounding like before. Major relief !

I just hope the injury won’t return, but I’m confident that I can overcome this with the best treatment that I’ve received thus far. Dr. Todd Plutchok is the man ! Unfortunately, I can’t afford to see him every week and my insurance can only cover so much, but I will continue to see Dr. Todd (if necessary) and as long as I remain active. Shoot..I do plan on competing in more half-marathons ! /crosses fingers

Shayne C


Return to Crossfit & Mtn. Biking!

I have been treated by Dr. Plutchok for one year now.  Besides excellent chiropractic and Active Release Techniques, he has given me several at home methods that have immensely helped remove neck pain, lower back pain and relieve insomnia.  These successful home methods definitely cause me to visit Dr Todd less, and I respect the his desire to help me rather than just book appointments.   I am a skier, mountain biker and crossfitter and my frequent crashes, spills and strains put me in Dr Todds office on a regular basis.  Its usually one or two visits and I am back together.

I have had probably 200 chiropractic visits to 20 other chiropractors, and will be seeing Dr. Todd as long as he is practicing, as he is the best, most well rounded doctor I have been to.

I have sent my son to Dr. Todd after a car accident and fully endorse him.

Erica P


Lower Back pain

Being the weekend warrior that I am, I tweaked my back while pushing my body to limits.  I told my best friend what happened and she said she knew a guy.  A chiropractor.  I was a little hesitant considering the rumor that chiropractors are quacks.  She said that this guy was the real deal and that he would fix me to be like the 6 million dollar man.  She led me to Dr. Todd at The League.

When I came into The League, I was greeted by a friendly and energetic receptionist.  She told me that Dr. Todd would be right with me.  A couple minutes later, I’m in doctor’s office and we are talking about my injury and such.  I hop on the table and Dr. Todd begins to work his magic.  He used his array of adjustment tools, chiropractic techniques and something called Active Release Technique.  At the end of the session, I noticed that my back felt instantly better.  Dr. Todd discussed further treatment and sent me an email filled with exercises to strengthen by back.  After a few sessions of seeing Dr. Todd, treatment went as planned and my back was as strong as ever.  Hells yeah!  I was able to deadlift over 2x my bodyweight!

With his knowledge and expertise, Dr. Todd is definitely the man to see.  I drive over an hour to see him because he is that good and you know how much gas prices are! If something is wrong with your body, you better believe this is the man that you want to see.  He’ll fix you up and help you return to peak physical condition!  The quality of service I received is exceptional! It’s as good as it gets!

Chris R.


Sports Performance

I compete in strongman, and the sport is not exactly nice to my body. I see Dr. Todd Plutchok regularly for ART and other chiropractic adjustment. Thanks to Dr. Todd, I am able to continue training, moving heavier weights, and setting PRs at subsequent competitions. I normally disliked chiropractors because I felt they were always more worried about having me sign up for a payment plan than helping me deal with the cause of pain or dysfunction. Dr. Todd always has a sincere interest in my endeavors and sport, and never rushes me out to squeeze in more appointments. The treatments have are amazing and allow me to continue lifting and training pain free. If you are an athlete of any kind you want Dr. Todd on your team.

Brian T, San Diego


Migraine Headaches

I highly recommend The League Chiropractic. Dr. Todd Plutchok has helped me get back onto my feet many times. Not only has he helped heal my body after various injuries to my extremities by using ART, he has tremendously helped me with chronic migraines.

Dr. Todd has a whole body treatment approach so he is able to treat the cause of my injuries along with the symptoms. I have seen a chiropractor regularly since the age of 16 and have to say that Dr. Todd has a different approach that has really helped prevent the migraines that I have suffered from for over 20 years. I am always amazed at how great I feel when I leave his office and even more amazed at the fact that I went from having multiple migraines a month to rarely having one at all anymore!!! Dr. Todd always teaches me something new during my visit to help me take better care of my body. Each day I feel even better than the day before!


Annie L.

San Diego, CA

Migraines Testimonial

I went to Dr. Todd after going to my MD and several specialists about my migraines with no relief.  Dr Todd listened to my needs and even consulted with his peers to ensure he was treating my symptoms appropriately. After five plus years of on and off discomfort- I finally found relief that doesn’t come in a pill!

Dr. Todd is not only effective, but makes me feel like I am his most important patient every time I’m in- takes his time and makes sure he addresses every question and need I have.  The best!

Karen K

Comprehensive Care Testimonial

Dr. Todd Plutchok has talent. This isn’t my first chiropractic visit. I have been using chiros to get out of pain for over 25 years. Having had some serious motocross smashups and a couple of skiing mishaps I have been searching for someone to help me heal not just crack my bones and keep me coming back.

Dr. P. is probably the 20th chiropractor that I have used and must say that if you are looking for the best, look no farther. His approach is very unique and will have you feeling better quickly.

I referred a good friend of mine and he has not stopped thanking me. This guy has what it takes to get you feeling better and help you stay that way.

Mark L, San Diego


Sports Performance & Martial Arts

I am so grateful that I met Dr. Todd a year ago; he is awesome!

I had been in severe pain for over a year, had seen three other chiropractors and still couldn’t move to my liking.  With his unique approach and not just the typical ‘bone cracking attack’, I got my mobility back and was able to train for my Black Belt Testing in Tae Kwon Do and the 2008 World Championships (Gold, Baby!).

Not only has Dr. Todd a great approach he also has such in depth knowledge of the body. The most simple description of your issue is enough for him to quickly and precisely locate the root of your problem.

I say no matter what keeps you from moving and no matter where it hurts, you have to see Dr. Todd to get better quickly and to see lasting results.

Birgit W, San Diego , Holistic Health Counselor


Foot Pain Testimonial

When I was young, I watched a segment on tv about chiropractors with my dad.  It was so long ago that I don’t really remember it anymore, but it must have made some mention about chiropractors being a hoax because my dad turned to me and said, “Chiropractors are liars.. they don’t do anything and just want your money.”

Well years later, I decided to start running regularly and perhaps train for a marathon.  It was going so well.. until one day I noticed some pain in my foot.  Thinking it was some minor muscle strain, I stretched it out and rested it for a day.. and then ran the next, thinking it would loosen up and that I’d just work through the pain.

Long story short, that didn’t work and a week in, the pain wasn’t going away.  I put aside the preconception my dad had planted in my head about chiropractors and gave the League Chiropractic Clinic a call based on their good reviews (especially their experience with athletes).. and partially because it was the first search result that came up when  I entered in my zip code.

First visit.. I came out feeling a little better.  Dr. Todd mentioned to me that the pain might come back since it was only the first visit, but by the end of the 2nd visit it would probably be much better.  Well I continued my training and by the next visit I was in even more pain than I was originally in before the first visit – frustrated, I started to worry that I might need additional medical attention.

Low and behold, Dr. Todd worked his magic and I was feeling almost 100% by that night.  I was barely able to walk into the office earlier that day (feeling worse than I did before my first visit) and by night time I was able to walk almost perfectly normal, after visiting Dr. Todd and doing some simple exercises he gave me. It was amazing.  Just a few adjustments and exercises here and there have worked wonders. I’ll admit though that going to a chiropractor isn’t exactly easy on the wallet – having insurance helps.. but if you’re finding yourself with an athletic injury, I’d recommend giving the League Chiropractic Clinic a call.  There are two chiropractors here, and I hear that Dr. Chad is also well qualified.

Debbie L, San Diego


Dr. Todd has been a blessing for me and my wife.  I have seen other Chiropractors in the past, but he is by far the BEST!  Dr. Todd takes the time to treat your body as a whole and also focuses on the areas that need more attention. His adjustments and specialty in ART keep my body feeling the best it’s ever felt.  Dr. Todd is a wealth of knowledge and exceeds my expectations every time I see him.

I can’t thank him enough for helping me and my wife feel better, move better, and have an overall better quality of life.  Thank you Dr. Todd!

Israel LoBue, CPT

Fitbody Bootcamp

Pelvic Floor & Neurological Testimonial

I am being treated for interstitial cystitis and pelvic floor disorder. I was misdiagnosed by my M.D. for more than a month. I was in severe pain (lower pelvic area and pelvic floor), nauseated, and losing weight. My daughter literally had me lie down in the back seat of the car and drove me from Altadena to San Diego to see Dr. Todd. He had helped her and she was convinced that I could benefit from his treatment.

That’s when my healing began.  I wasn’t very alert because of the pain medication I was on, but Dr. Todd explained the body connection and asked what would give me most relief. I didn’t know how he could help but I asked for help with the nausea and pain. He made some adjustments, worked on releasing muscles, and set about getting my body to coordinate healthy communication.  The next day I was able to eat some food without feeling like I was going loose it. The pain began to subside.
I made about 4 more trips to San Diego and after each session my condition improved. I’m now on a maintenance program with Dr. Todd.
After a month’s wait (HMO) I finally was able to see a physical therapist and she diagnosed that I had pudendal nerve involvement (this nerve wraps around the bladder and the pelvic floor-which can cause significant pain). The last time I saw Dr. Todd he worked to release the muscles that can impinge on this nerve. I can only say that Dr. Todd paved the road to my recovery and I feel like he gave me my life back so that I can function and do the things we take for granted. Dr. Todd is competent, knowledgeable, and is motivated to help his clients regain their health. I consider him my health practitioner and will continue making the trip to San Diego. When someone is able to let you see the light at the end tunnel and restore your health you wish that there were more words than “Thank You”. I personally expressed this to Dr. Todd and he was very gracious and replied that his goal is to see clients make an overall improvement in their health.

I didn’t realize how many women suffer from pelvic and pelvic floor problems. If anyone reading this has this problem or knows of someone with it, I highly recommend Dr. Todd. You will experience a level of care and expertise that you have been searching for.

Diane J


Low Back Pain Testimonial
I have been to various Chiropractors over the past 15 years during my football career in High School and at USD, and recently as a weekend warrior.
I am working with Todd Plutchok at The League Chiropractic Clinic, and I have never had such a robust treatment experience.  Dr. Plutchok has gone above and beyond what my typical chiropractic experience is by offering the Active Release Technique.  I can come in to visit Dr. Plutchok and get a treatment way above and beyond what I would get elsewhere.  The deep tissue therapy is amazing, and I walk out of here feeling like I can take on the world.
I have dealt with low back pain for years, even though I maintain an athletic and healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Plutchok’s treatments, along with the training regimen he has demonstrated to me, and his dietary recommendations have all worked marvelously to completely alleviate my lower back pain.

Brendan B

Shin Splints & Running
I started running at the age of thirty and quickly realized I wasn’t eighteen anymore.  I developed shin splints just three months into my workouts.  After my first visit with Dr. Plutchok, my shins were as good as new.  Dr. Plutchok not only corrected my shins, he took the time to educate me on techniques I could use in alleviating any future problems…I truly felt as if i was his only patient.

Micah B

Innovative Approach

I have been to at least 8 different chiropractors over the last 20 years, sometimes for routine maintenance and sometimes for acute care. Some of the chiropractors have been excellent, yet Dr. Todd Plutchok is simply the best! His knowledge and manipulation techniques are exceptional. The red laser he uses blows me away as to its effectiveness. I believe that ANY athlete should go see Todd before an athletic event. The difference in body strength and performance is significant. He even helped strengthen my eyesight!

Rachael Paddock, HHP

Knee Pain and Triathlon
I had begun to curb my TNT (triathlon) training plus I was unable to make it through a day without icing my knees and then ankles multiple times a day.  I was also taking 4-6 Alleve a day, and unable to walk or sit for periods of a time without pain.

Dr. Todd was recommended to me and I went to him first.  I was not interested in going to an MD or DO who normally treats these ailments with medication and does not get to the root cause.

Dr. Todd is the best! He is extremely knowledgeable and personable.  He was able to immediately target the areas where I was having discomfort (knees) and after 1 treatment I began to experience relief.  He was also very focused on my well being and helping me to become pain free to continue my training and enjoy my life.

I am now experiencing no discomfort in my knees, ankles, back, or neck.  And this is with an increase in my training for the triathlon.  His treatments have enabled me to be more flexible, stronger, and enabled me to train more intensely.  He also provided me with literature and exercises to prevent injury and eliminate discomfort.

Carol C

Chronic Foot Pain Testimonial
I noticed my feet more than before in terms of how they feel strained.  Especially around my ankle of the right foot.  I think the problem is up stream, tight tendons in the calf and especially my tight Achilles tendons.  My massage therapist has noted this for some time.  But so far, you are the only one who has the knowledge and wisdom to help.  The pressure you administered on my right foot along the outside of the foot (that long bone I mentioned is tender) feels so much better.

I am grateful for your concern and application of these masterful techniques.  This is the cats meow ..


Groin and Hamstring Strain

I was scheduled to take a physical agility’s test for the Ventura Police Department.  The test consisted of a 99 yard obstacle course, fence and wall jumps, 30 yard sprints, a 165 lb. dummy drag, and a 500 yard run/sprint, all timed.  Needless to say, it was important not only to be in top physical shape, but to be 100% healthy as well.

Unfortunately, on my last day of training 5 days before the test, I strained my groin pretty significantly.  Literally, jogging was not even possible.  I was so upset.  This was the first step in a long interview process for the Police Department and there was no way I would be able to pass it.

So I called Dr. Todd Plutchok. His confidence alone was very reassuring.
During the visit, Dr. Todd was very thorough.  Even though I was there for the strained groin, he did a complete head to toe examination.  He used, among other techniques, an Active Release Technique, which was like a deep tissue “massage” specifically targeting the affected area.  When I got off the table and started to walk around, I could immediately feel the difference.

The day of the test was a chilly Sunday morning.  I proceeded to run, and pass, every single event.  I even had one of the best times on the 500 yard run which was the fifth and final event.  I was ecstatic.  Sore, but ecstatic.  I immediately called Dr. Todd and thanked him.  Since passing the physical abilities test, I moved on to pass the written test and first oral board review.  I have been highly recommended to move forward in the interview process and I literally could not have done it without the outstanding guidance and expertise of Dr. Todd Plutchok.

Dan L

Golf Swing & Arm Pain
I had pain in my elbow very bad.  The pain reduced my performance in everyday task, I couldn’t play golf. The treatment required several visits, but each visit made an improvement. Everyday it got easier to perform, and I can play golf again!

George H.


Dr. Todd gives 110% in his efforts to help his patients.  He helped me with a long standing back pain problem, and he uses an approach which is quite different than typical chiropractors.  And, he doesn’t try to sign you up for a prolonged period of appointments, what a relief!

His care and integrity make him someone I feel quite comfortable recommending to friends and family. Thank you doc!!

Steve B


Plantar Fasciitis Testimonial

I must admit that I was seriously skeptical about going to a Chiropractor.

I had a foot/heel injury that just wouldn’t respond to traditional medical treatment. I was taking a dozen advil a day just to be able to walk and this had been going on for over a year. Completely unable to enjoy my favorite sport which is hiking mountain trails.    After the Medical Dr gave me the 3rd Cortisone shot in my foot ( ouch!) which didn’t work, I decided I wasn’t going back and  it was time to try something completely different and consulted Yelp reviews and found Dr Todd Plutchok.  He carefully explained his treatment plan to help my body heal, using deep tissue massage, gentle adjustments, easy exercises I would do at home.

It took about  3 months of bi-weekly, weekly, twice monthly then monthly visits and now I have almost no pain at all, don’t need any pain medicine and I’ve gradually been able to return to hiking. I’m up to 5 miles, and my goal is to be able to hike twice as far and I’m getting there!

Catherine S