It Takes a Tribe

The League Sports Rehab’s extensive affiliate network makes it easy for you to find a partner on your journey toward optimal health and performance, who shares the same values we do. Like us, they believe that total wellness is not a luxury, but a birth rite.

1RM Performance
1RM Performance

Strength and Conditioning Training for Athletes

krav maga SD
Krav Maga San Diego

Israeli Self-Defense

Place 360 Health + Spa

Sherri Starr
Sherri Starr Wellness

Health and Wellness Coaching

The Boxing Club
The Boxing Club Sport & Fitness

Martial Arts & Fitness Gym

Versatile Fitness

Raise Your Beat

USD logo
University of San Diego

Sports Medicine

Mighty Crossfit
Mighty Crossfit

Next Wave Athletics
Next Wave Athletics

Home of Crossfit Next Wave