Improving your gait to reduce injuries

In this video, Dr. Todd will discuss Gait analysis and gives you some practical tools and techniques that individuals can assess and improve it. Tips in the video are; 1) Look (Keep your eyes parallel to the horizon) 2) Listen (how hard are you hitting the ground?) 3) Use tape/sidewalk/boardwalk (to assess for crossover gait)…

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Nerve Flossing-The Clock

Dr. Todd explains what entrapment sites are and how to help release/mobilize the regions of your neck, shoulder, and arms. He describes two different methods called nerve flossing and nerve glides. In nerve flossing, he uses a method called the clock where the client points her hand in different directions that release different muscles and…

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The Crossfire Movement

This movement pattern is based on a early developmental pattern. In today’s world, many activities, professions, sports and training pull our body into flexion/seated/rolled forward position. This movement pattern addresses multiple planes, fascial systems, and activates the antagonist (opposite muscle groups) of many overused muscle and joint positions. I recommend doing this as a warm…

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