Compression Band Therapy

Compression Band Therapy

Compressional Band Therapy (aka Tack and Floss, Voodoo Floss, Blood Flow Restriction, etc) is a manual technique that has been shown to improve range of motion, fluid dynamics, pain mitigation, and improved recovery rates. We aim to create positive change within the tissues and joints through compression, tension, and movement.

By taking advantage of the restrictive properties of the band during passive or active ranges of motion under light load, flossing can contribute to fascial glide, excursion of swelling and dynamic joint centration—all critical components to success for the client both in and out of the clinic.

By using compression, we can force edema into the lymphatic system for drainage and influence the positioning of the joint; both of these effects have a direct impact on movement and ranges of motion

Benefits of Flossing
1. Improved range of motion
2. Pain reduction
3. Reduced fluid congestion? (swelling and edema)
4. Joint Centration- Improved Joint Relationships

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