Recovery Compression Boots

Compression Recovery Boots

Provides on-demand, dynamic air pressure that massages your legs after an intense workout so you’re fresher and ready to take on tomorrow.

Increased blood circulation and lymphatic flow helps to remove waste products and can help you prevent injury and recover from them faster.

There may be many reasons for your injury; technique, excessive training and lack of recovery. If you load too much, too soon, your chance of injury and soreness goes up.. The body needs time to adapt to changes in your workout, and to changes in your training hours or intensity. Muscles and joints require recovery time so that they can recover and cope with the requirements imposed by your training. If you force the exercise process, you may break down your body instead of building it up.

Research shows that compression and massage improve oxygenation and reduce inflammation and muscle micro-trauma (the small tears that training causes in your muscles). In this way, a set of recovery boots can help you recover from your training faster and thus reduce your risk of injury caused by excessive training.

-Increases Range of Motion
-Decreases Pain Sensitivity
-Decreases Muscle Fatigue
-Increase Blood Flow

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“The main mechanism for the effectiveness of intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) is that it augments venous and arterial blood flow via the periodic inflation of external cuffs. We believe that this may be beneficial to the warm-down activities of athletes. The removal of waste products may help to reduce injury risk and the phenomenon of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)”.


“Compression is a therapeutic technique widely used in the treatment of muscle and other soft tissue injuries, though evidence in support of this remedial therapy has until recently being largely anecdotal. Recent scientific research has indicated that external compression can be an effective treatment that minimises swelling, improves the alignment and mobility of scar tissue, and improves proprioception in an injured joint consequent to eccentric damage models and DOMS.”


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