Since being introduced to Dr. Chad Wells at The League Chiropractic Clinic, I can say that what I have personally gained has been extremely invaluable. By being able to go to one location and receive a broad range of cutting edge treatment specifically tailored to my needs, has aided greatly in both keeping my body functioning properly and alleviating the negative effects of wear and tear that come from competing at a high level over time.

Regardless of what is happening with my body, I always seem to receive significant relief from the prescribed treatment, leaving my appointment having all of my physical needs addressed. Chiropractic care and A.R.T., coupled with Quantum Neurology offered at The League Chiropractic Clinic would be a tremendous asset to any athlete or individual experiencing any physical setback or even everyday aches and pains.

I highly recommend Dr. Wells for whatever it may be that ails you.


Amon (Retired)

NFL, Kansas City Chiefs