I play competitive men?s club rugby in division 1, often against guys 10 to 15 years younger and twice my size. I strongly considered retirement after another injury in 2011, but a friend referred me to Dr. Todd. I have never looked back. Dr. Todd is able to help fix injuries and problems for which I usually got the same old answer from other doctors, rest and take these pain killers. This includes tendinitis, shin splints, shoulder injuries, back injuries, hip flexor sprains, knee contusions, etc.

Dr. Todd has always been able to find the underlying cause of my problem, treated it through his unique combination of bone, fascia, and nerve work, and in the process educated me about my body and how things work. He is passionate about helping people, and his approach made sense to me, especially since treats the underlying problem, and not the symptoms. I have also never felt pressured to come back every week for an ?adjustment?, and at the same time have learned to apply Dr. Todd?s techniques to treat myself.

Dr. Todd is truly a miracle worker, has always been honest about whether I should rest or work through my injuries in a safe and thoughtful way. I have referred many of my team mates and friends to him, and will continue to do so. I believe exercise and movement keeps us happy and healthy and I look forward to continue my passion for rugby and all things exercise, with the help of Dr. Todd off course.


Jaco, President

Old Aztecs Rugby