What hasn’t been said about Dr. Todd Plutchok’s practice ?! I was referred to him by my cycling instructor (Thanks Kristi !) I’m pretty active and ever since I started running half marathons, my body has gotten a beat down through the years. What can I say ? I’m not ‘Wonder Woman’ after all. My body eventually underwent some wear and tear from my ever so crazy and active lifestyle.

Even through the pain, I still didn’t want to give up hope on running. I wanted to finally see a physical therapist. Yelp had great reviews as well so I had to see for myself.

I was diagnosed with patellar tendonosis a year back and was advised to take a break from running, wear a knee brace, and strengthen the leg muscles until the pain magically disappears.

Fast forward to 2012. The pain isn’t as bad, but it still feels sore and uncomfortable after a long run. I thought my running days were over (at least for long distances).

Fortunately, Dr. Todd Plutchok changed all that after just one session. My confidence slowly came back and all I can say is: ART = Active Release Technique

My golly ! This is a blessing from above for athletes with sports injuries. I was skeptical at first. Not gonna lie. Some small laser infrared gadget was waved all over me. A couple twists, cracks, pops and bends I felt almost brand new. To prove that I was not imagining this, I went for a run after no physical activity for almost 3 weeks. I was pain free kid you not !!! No sharp knee pain under my patella. A miracle it seemed !

I also underwent a ‘gait analysis’ where he corrected my running form and neurological and biomechanical rehabilitation. So far, I’ve received professional advice for pre and post race day recovery. He also filmed my running style on the treadmill where he suggested a few tweeks in my running form and I already feel a difference. Most importantly, my knees are not getting a heavy pounding like before. Major relief !

I just hope the injury won’t return, but I’m confident that I can overcome this with the best treatment that I’ve received thus far. Dr. Todd Plutchok is the man ! Unfortunately, I can’t afford to see him every week and my insurance can only cover so much, but I will continue to see Dr. Todd (if necessary) and as long as I remain active. Shoot..I do plan on competing in more half-marathons ! /crosses fingers

Cheers to a healthy and pain-free 2012 !



Patient Since 2012