Sheri Matthews Corporate Wellness Consultant
Where to start, before I speak to credentials of both Dr Todd and Dr Chad, nothing is a more true testament to my confidence in their abilities to help cure and prevent injuries in Athletes than the fact I have sent countless clients, friends, runners, spin class participants and loved ones to their office. I care about the people in my world of fitness and health.

Most people come back to me and say “why did I wait so long to go the League?”. They hit their breaking point. Dr Todd gets to the source or weakness and both Dr Todd and Dr Chad have the same goal. Get you running or performing what you love, pain free.

Personally, Dr Todd has seen my through over 7 marathons, two Boston Qualifying races and completions and now I go for maintenance as part of caring for my body. If one is booked, the other is skilled and also cares. Also, the people they are personally – nice, genuine.

Here’s the kicker: many sports injury experts have the skills and qualifications, but on numerous occasions they ( Dr Todd and Dr Chad) have dedicated their time to groups I lead to demonstrate stretches, foam rolling, and preventative exercises both in an office and on the field. They don’t want you in their office.

As a brand Ambassador for companies like Lululemon, or Fitbit, what I associate with is important and it’s also why over the past 9 years I have been a grateful client.



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