Discover The League Sports Rehab Difference

Our philosophy at The League Sports Rehab is simple – treat your pain or injury with a customized care plan designed to do one thing…get you back in the game as quickly as possible!

Other clinics or providers just focus on the surface issue, rather than the root causes of your pain. The result is a slower recovery process and repeat visits. We take a more wholistic approach here at The League, and treat all of the systems affected by your injury. Our licensed doctors have over 20 years of combined experience, use the latest technologies and equipment, and practice techniques proven to work. League clients also get access to discount services from over a dozen affiliates to partner with on their journey toward better health.

Whether you play organized sports, are a weekend warrior, or have been hurt on the job, we can help. Join our family and you’ll discover why The League Sports Rehab is San Diego’s top sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy and chiropractic clinic!

Faster Recovery

Our aim is to help you accelerate the healing process and maintain your progress by doing what many other rehab clinics don't. By addressing the bio-mechanical, muscular, soft tissue, and neurological components of your pain we're able to return our clients back to play and competition faster!

Decades of Expertise

Former NCAA athletes, each with over a decade of experience as California Board Certified Chiropractors, we have collectively helped thousands of patients get out of pain and back in the game. Our intimate understanding of form, function, and dysfunction, fuel our vision of providing cutting edge sports and rehab therapy to thousands more.

Cutting Edge Tools

At the league we use progressive cutting edge tools to achieve fast and lasting results. We also take it a big step further, and educate our clients on how to accelerate and maintain their results with self care tools and techniques at home.


From professional athletes to weekend warriors, and stay-at-home dads, we've helped thousands of people get free of pain and back to doing what they love. But don't take our word for it. Read what our patients have been saying about us over the last ten years, and then schedule a visit with one of our trained doctors!


President, Old Aztecs Rugby

Dr. Todd is truly a miracle worker, has always been honest about whether I should rest or work through my injuries in a safe and thoughtful way. I have referred many of my team mates and friends to him, and will continue to do so.


NFL, Kansas City Chiefs (Retired)

By being able to go to one location and receive a broad range of cutting edge treatment specifically tailored to my needs, has aided greatly in both keeping my body functioning properly and alleviating the negative effects of wear and tear that come from competing at a high level over time. 

Sheri Matthews Corporate Wellness Consultant

Wellness Consultant

Dr Todd and Dr Chad have the same goal. Get you running or performing what you love, pain free.


American 200m Sprint Kayaker, 2012 Olympian

As an elite athlete I have the opportunity to see some of the best physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors but none compare to Dr. Wells.


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