Rapid Release Technique

Scar tissue can build up in the body and affect the muscles as well as the connecting tissues and this causes movement to be limited as well as athletes can suffer from many types of injuries because of this. The Rapid Release Technique is able to break down the scar tissue and restore the normal function of that muscle as well as relieve pain and tension. The Rapid Release Techniques is done with a Rapid Release Technology device which is an easy-to-use, small and movable machine. Therefore the Rapid Release Technique is not done by the provider’s hands. Rapid Release Technology device can get rid of the possibility of the provider having tried hands that are unable to do manual treatment to the best of their abilities.

The Rapid Release Technology device is able to use certain vibration frequencies to target problem areas. It has five treatment heads to offer a range of different treatments for different injuries. The Rapid Release Technology device is designed and made to bring out the Tonic Vibration Reflex (TVR) which is a neurological reaction that relaxes muscles and helps to lower the stress levels of the body. This device is used in circular small movement, over a towel, on the muscles, not the bone, and it may feel tingly? at first but it will have a lasting effect with about five minutes of treatment.

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